Colors and Landscapes of Sacred Valley

Everything is so simple but so beautiful at the same time (Copyright Kat G)

Sacred Valley Praire (Copyright Kat G)

Just the Heaven in the Earth (Copyright Kat G)

A Town calls Maras (Copyright Kat G)

Maras Town (Copyright Kat G)

Saltworks of Maras (Copyright Kat G)

Copyright Kat G

Ollantaytambo Ruins (Copyright Kat G)

Two Bulls Waiting (Copyright Kat G)

A Route of One Way (Copyright Kat G)

Copyright Kat G

A Little House on the Prairie (Copyright Kat G)

Copyright Kat G

Moray (Copyright Kat G)

Moray (Copyright Kat G)

Aguas Calientes Town (Copyright Kat G)

The Magnificent Machu Picchu (Copyright Kat G)


Copyright Katiuska Gonzalez (Kat G) All Rights Reserved

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